Running and Endurance Sports


Pain Relief for Overuse, Tightness, Injuries and Strains


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Common issues include:
  • over-training, repetitive strain, over-use
  • piriformis injury, hamstring, sciatic symptoms, tendonitis injury
  • ankle injuries, ankle injury, ankle strain, ankle pain
  • shoulder, injuries, shoulder injury, shoulder strain, shoulder pain
  • swimming injury, running injuries, bike injuries
  • foot injuries, foot injury, foot strain, foot pain
  • back injuries, back injury, back strain, back pain
  • hip flexors, hip injuries, hip injury, hip strain, hip pain
  • neck injuries, neck injury, neck strain, neck pain
  • knee injuries, knee injury, knee pain, knee strain

Endurance athletes, especially runners, know the effects of gravity better than most. Whether you're racing at the track, a Marathon, Triathlon or running for fitness, every strike of the foot to the pavement sends awesome amounts of force into the body. Just about everyone has experienced the negative effects this can have on calves, shins, hips, hamstrings, back, etc. But, runners aren't the only endurance athletes to experience pain.

The hours in the saddle, required by cyclists in training, can have adverse effects on the body as well. Overtime, the seated position required can cause tightening of the hip flexors which can lead to back issues. The forward head position can also cause unnatural tightening in the back of the neck and upper shoulders.

While swimming is looked upon as a safe and low impact sport, repeated laps can affect the shoulders, hips and backs of some athletes. The proper swimming technique takes the arm and shoulder through a range of motion that can expose problems and cause impingement in some shoulder types.

When body alignment is maintained, forces and movement will distribute evenly throughout the entire body. If imbalances are not prevented or maintained properly, forces will localize and cause trauma in the connective tissues. (muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone) Pain and tightness signal imbalance.


Erin Donohue is a Professional Track Athlete. She competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

"As a professional track athlete, my career depends on my ability to train and compete..."

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